Monday, September 23, 2013

last week i started running again. i’m using this program called “couch to 5k” that is supposedly very helpful in working your way up slowly, little by little. anyway my mother used to run marathons and i decided that i wanted to do one too a couple years ago, while i was in the third year of my college program. i think it must have been in like january of 2012 that i had my last run (my mom had photocopied a page out of some running book that had a weekly program that seems pretty similar to this new thing i’m doing), i was in olympia with my band, and i went for a run all around the city in the morning. it was actually awesome. but the tour proved to be detrimental to my training and i soon fell off the wagon, as they say.
anyway, last week i decided to start again - it’s a new season and my first fall that i’m not studying or working on projects or any of that. three days a week i leave my house and pick a different route than the one i did on the previous run day. this program is based on the time spent running rather than the distance (at least to start), so i just run in a certain direction for x amount of minutes and then turn back and run to my house. 
vancouver is a city with two million or so people in it. my life is pretty much contained to like three blocks, because i live really close to the place i work. even when i get out on these runs, i find that i peer into the windows of houses i’ve never before seen in my life, but they’re right in my neighborhood. kinda weird.

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