Wednesday, September 25, 2013

i woke up today around 8 o clock, there's now a built-in alarm clock at my apartment building, because they're ripping down the house next door. anyway, now that i'm not in school, the earliest obligation i could possibly have is at 11 AM for work. today i worked at 12, so i had plenty of time to lay in bed and listen to records before going for a run.

i guess it was about 10:40 when i left the house. i ran towards queen elizabeth park and eventually did run up the big hill towards the conservatory. i feel like i could run way way further than this program is currently allowing me to, but i gotta trust that this baby-step stuff will protect me from shin splints, which i have a nasty pattern of getting. somehow i had never been in this one part of QEP, where the basketball courts are. i made a mental note to return and shoot some hoops.

nothing else too eventful happened up on the hill. looks like there were some lawn bowlers and tennis players milling about. i biked past a really fancy tennis club on the way to UBC a couple weeks ago - isaiah told me he got a job dishwashing at the jericho tennis club. not sure if that was it.

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