Friday, September 27, 2013

i almost missed my run today. i stayed up pretty late playing link to the past last night, which is cool because i really don't remember the game that well at all (as opposed to the DKC games which i blew through in about 40 minutes each). i do remember playing zelda in my parents house in the room we called 'the den'.

anyway i overslept a bit and woke up about 30 minutes before i had to go to work. so i figured i'd put some bread in the toaster and hit the bricks, but then gabe called me to say he was at the store and that i could wait an hour if i liked. figured i'd better lace up the runners then. so i did.

today i had trouble remembering how long each segment of my jog/walk parts were supposed to be. i kept walking too much and running too little. i made my way around the community center though. it's getting really (pleasantly) cool these days. it's been dark all day today.

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